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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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on john: drivers in southern wake county will have to take a detour after an overnight crash. barbara: former jailer at a women's prison in raleigh on the other side of be there. good morning, carolina. welcome on thursday january 28. 5:01 and 36 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs.
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stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. good morning. don: good morning to you. as you head out we have showers working through. live look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas right now sand hills getting rain. you see it tracking to the east-northeast and i think the farther south in the viewing area the better chance of seeing rain. working through fayetteville now and north not seeing any. you may see a shower in the triangle. looking at temperatures it is cooler north of the triangle. 28 in roxboro. 30 oxford. 36 chapel hill. 38 sanford. 40 fayetteville, clinton and smithfield. looking at the day ahead 37 now and by lunch a few showers south and east. maybe some in raleigh but not chapel hill. through the afternoon mostly cloudy and 46 degrees. after today warmer temperatures.
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seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. barbara: first this morning an over overnight accident causing problems in southern wake county. around 2:00 this morning a car slammed into a power pole north of highway 42. the driver tried to run but was caught. it knocked out power to about 500 people. rocks service station road is closed and is not expected to open until after the commute. john: a good samaritan saves a driver in fayetteville after a bad crash. it was last night on charles avenue near eloise street. joshua watkins was speeding and went off the rod and rolled at least five times. when troopers arrived a good samaritan was using a jack to raise the vehicle to get him out. watkins was not wearing a seat belt. barbara: no charges in a crash involving a pedestrian in wake county.
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scene of the ramp from i-40 to highway 70 in garner. police say jason jones ran his car off the road and hit a person person. lucas was pronounced dead. the ramp was closed several hours while police investigated. a prison guard accused of having sex with inmates at women's prison in raleigh was arrested and is expected in court today. caitlin knute joins us from the wake county detention center with the latest. caitlin: good morning, john. that prison guard is behind bars. he was accused in december so he lost his job there and it took this long to officially charge him and arrest him. that is due in part because investigators were examining d.n.a. on some of the prisoners to see if it matched. this is the man we are talking about. he lost his job after the f.b.i. began investigating allegations
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sex with prisoners. keep in mind even consensual sex with inmates is illegal. this may not be the first time he committed such a crime. an investigation uncovered allegations that he had sex with a prisoner in virginia when he was a prison guard there. so the question remains and this is something ed crump brought up we he broke the story how did this man get a job in north carolina if he had those past allegations elsewhere. according to officials here in or state they did a background check and checked with officials in virginia and they gave him a clean resume, looks great. we will follow this today and let you know when appears in court. reporting live in raleigh, caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news news. barbara: a murder investigation in halifax police searching for two suspects wanted in the
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street. two others were shot but they survived. police are looking for these two men. lamont loyd and tie kwan powell of charlotte. >> people chanting. john: protesting to call for an end to deportation raids. a group of about 80 cannoted, sang and read stories of families broken apart because of deportation. this is one of several vigils last night in the southeast. all eyes on the republican debate in iowa tonight. barbara: the republicans will clash without donald trump on the stage. amber will explain. amber: the fox tphaousnews donald trump debate controversy continues.
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high stakes game o at the interview you know with you would say? you are ted cruz now challenging trump to a one-on-one debate. donald trump says he will have a fund-raiser for veterans just two miles away. barbara: a school district could expand job protection for day employees. a proposal would ban discrimination based on sexual orient orientation.
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misses the mark leaving transgender people out of the equation as the district updates policies to comply with laws. the school board will vote on the changes next month. john: 5:07. north carolina was first in flight but another state is vying for that title. barbara: the state claiming its own connection to the wright brothers. john: an investigation under way after something massive washes up on shore at the north carolina coast. don: as you head out we have dry conditions from the triangle north and green showing up in t
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don: welcome back. let's talk bus stop forecast. as the kids head out they will see some rain in the sand hills. if you live north of the triangle you will be cloudy and cooler. temps are in the mid 30's in the triangle. we have some below freezing in north. 28 south hill. 28 roxboro. 36 chapel hill, 39 goldsboro, 38 in order. 41 clinton. looking at the day ahead cloudy now and 37. by lunchtime temperatures 43 and rain around. through the late day temperatures in the mid 40's. you can see a little sunshine to the north. we will talk about that and we have warmer temps. you will love the weekend forecast. john: check out what residents of a raleigh townhouse community
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water gushing out of the ground. it was first thought to be caused by a water main break but after inspection it appears somebody is trying to tamper with the marine. biologists are studying a whale that washed ashore at cherry beach north carolina. the hump back is one to 2 years old and looked thin and appeared to be sick. whales washing ashore happens more often than you think. barbara: north carolina was first in flight but another state wants to show case its connection to the wright brothers. a proposal to add the historic wright flier to ohio's state seal has had its first airing. it is the latest effort in the home state to reenforce their place in history as aviation pioneers. the add of adding it to the seal has been proposed before but it has not flown in the past.
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made their flight december 14, 1903 on the dunes of the outer banks. john: it is a fascinating exhibit. barbara: it is. 38 degrees and 5:12. a trooper shot during a traffic stop in atlanta. john: how he is doing and what
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barbara: new study on cars that john: good morning on thursday, 5:15 and 38 degrees. about 500 people are without power because a car slammed into a power pole on rock service station road feel the driver apparently tried to run but was alert caught. the road is closed and not expected to be cleared until after the morning commute. duke university has moved to
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sorority activities less thapbn 24 horse after it had the ban. it suspended activities after a member was hospitalized after appear incident involving alcohol. last night duke administrators said they had a candid and productive conversation with the sororities about alcohol use and abuse. the widow of a disgraced illinois police officer is indicted. melody glyniewicz is accused of program. she surrendered after learning about it. charles glyniewicz died september 1. he staged his suicide to appear he was gunned down in the lane of duty. barbara: the georgia bureau of investigation said a suspect wounded in an exchange of gunfire in atlanta died. they say the person died at a night.
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speeding when trooper jacob fields attempted to pull him over. rodriguez got out holding a handgun and started shooting. fields was shot in the leg and abdomen. he is in stable condition at a hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. john: a new study finds automatic braking cuts rear end crash risks. vehicles equipped with automatic braking are less likely to cause a rear-end crash. the insurance institute says automatic braking can reduce rear-end crashes by 40%. front collision warning which winners the driver a cash is imminent but doesn't brake cuts 23%. braking. barbara: the c.d.c. is expanding the list of places on the zika travel alert. u.s. virgin islands and dominican republic are on the
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transition is present. in the u.s. there are 20 cases in nine straights. president obama calls for urgent action and research to develop vaccine and treatments against this virus. i know they are urging pregnant women not to travel to these countries because of birth defects. don: with our amazing advances a mosquito causing problems. amazing. today we have the forecast that could be wet in spots and others sun break out later today. temperatures in the mid 40's. tonight mostly cloudy and around freezing. tomorrow become near 350 and clouds -- back near 50 and pretty nice day tomorrow. live look at first alert doppler xp and we will zoom do you know into the sand hills. that is where we see rain right now. that rain is tracking from fayetteville to the north and east up i-95 toward smithfield, south to clinton and back into
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lifting north and into robinson county. looking in joined raleigh not -- in downtown raleigh 37. dew point 34, 89% humidity, north wind five miles an hour. live look into r.d.u. an temperature there in the 30's as well. as a matter of fact in is 37. 28 roxboro. 30 oxford. 36 chapel hill. 38 sanford and 42 fayetteville. 41 clinton and 39 goldsboro. rain around mainly south of the triangle. i think that those are the places that will see most of the rain. showers down to the south as that lifts to the southeast. but some showers may break off and work their way into the triangle so we will watch that. behind that back to the west lots of clear skies and sunshine and that is headed in for the weekend. we have a gorgeous weekend shaping up. but today rain, best chance in the sand hills through lunchtime although you may see a little energy work up through the triangle. any time morning into late
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the rain is runs right through the middle of or viewing area. you are south and east you will see rain. up in roxboro you might see a little sunlight day and then skies clear tonight as we go through tomorrow. nothing but clear skies. it will take a day or two for t the warmer air to work in but by saturday 50's and 60's on sunday. the low is off the coast throwing moisture back us. the low pulls out and we have clear skies over us tomorrow and then the high slides across us and pulls the warm air up and you will love the end of the weekend forecast. the rest fof day mid 40's. 46 raleigh and cary, wake forest cloudy and rain. i left a rain chance here mainly rocky mount. i don't think you will see any rain in roxboro, hrpbtdz or south hill -- henderson or south hill.
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rain from raeford to wilson. 45 goldsboro, 46 fayetteville, about 47 siler city. tonight clouds start to break through the overnight and it gets colder. 32 raleigh. 35 fayetteville. 31 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back near 50 degrees and saturday 57 and lots of sunshine. sunday we will see 60's across the region. monday mid 60's and partly sunny skies. on tuesday for ground hog day more clouds and i think showers arrive tuesday night and could be wet weapons was we may be thunderstorms. the possibility is there. that is the middle of next week. barbara: you know what people say about that? don: seven to 10 details after that we will have -- 10 days after that. i have an article about that on barbara: here to help. john: 5:21.
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game against duke saturday. he would put up 36 points but that is not enough. georgia tech won 90-83. state has lost seven of the last eight games. up next against 15th ranked miami saturday afternoon. barbara: big surprise for shaquille o'neal last night. while making an appearance on jimmy kimmel he was surprised that the lakers will honor him with a statue outside the staples center with others like magic johnson and kareem abdul-jabbar. at first shaq thinks kimmel is playing with him. >> see what i'm showing you? >> yes. >> you don't know about this. this is a surprise to you. the lakers asked me to mention it. it is a statue they are out r putting up at the staple center. this is serious. i swear to god. barbara: i don't know if i would have believed him although shaq played 15 years and won three
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that is pretty sweet. call it the pregame warm-up. john: nfl is returning the san francisco 49ers home stadium into the place that will host the super bowl. you can see workers using paint cans an air brushes to add logos. rehearsals for pregame and halftime entertainment begin this weekend. barbara: we will be live at super bowl 50. it begins sunday when the panthers arrive in california. you can get coverage at john: f.c.c. wants to overhull how cable set top boxes work. barbara: here is our financial and consumer news. >> a popular change coming to the cable box. cable and satellite customers could purchase the devices. right now nearly everyone must
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about $230 a year. wendy's investigating a security breach. it said it has reports of unusual activity on cards that had recently been used at some locations. >> customers are asked to check the bank statement. just from the look diet coke hopes to refresh its brand with graphics. >> it teamed up with h.p. to create an explosion of color on millions of cans an bottles. no two cans will be alike. >> pretty cool.
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barbara: it is announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 news at 5:30 starts now.
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road blocked that is the message from the processed leader at the wildlife refuge in oregon as 3 arrests are made. barbara: suspension of sorority activity at duke lasting less than 24 hours. 38 degrees at 5:30. i am barbara gibbs. john: i am john clark. first, the weather and traffic together. here's don schwenneker. don: good morning. we are seeing some showers and the sandhills. in the most powerful radar in the carolinas, spotty showers. pinehurst resort in east.
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